Tina Volarič

Tina Volarič (1980) regularly provides illustrations for major Slovenian children’s magazines, album artwork, and covers of fiction and humanities books, and also designs original picture books for children and adults. From time to time, she also works on independent conceptual series that often draw on gentle nostalgia, the intimate domestic space, and memories. She is the author of the award-winning wordless picture book The Line (2021), which received the Golden Pear Rating and was included in the IBBY Silent Books Collection, as well as the original picture book Nono’s Wall (2021), the picture book Carl and Stan by Marko Klavora and David Kožuh (2023), and others. Her debut picture book The Story of Little Bambule and the Dizzying Giraffe by Fran Milčinski Ježek (2010) received the Best Book Design Award at the Slovenian Book Fair. She also illustrated her award-winning poetry debut, The Circumference of Polyphonic Silences (2014). Her works have featured in solo exhibitions and group selections in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and China, and she has participated in illustration biennials in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, and Bratislava.

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