Nina Mav Hrovat

Nina Mav Hrovat (1975) studied at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana and completed her MA in pre- school education. She initially worked as a teacher and is now employed as a pre-school teacher in a kindergarten. She publishes professional articles and gives lectures for parents and professionals, performs for children in nursery schools and primary schools in Slovenia and abroad, encouraging reading culture. Her first stories were published in 2001 in quality children’s magazines (Cicido, Ciciban). Her debut book, the fairy tale O kralju, ki ni maral pospravljati (The King Who Hated Tidying Up) (Mladinska knjiga, 2008) received the 2009 award for Best Slovene Original Picturebook. In recent years she has received numerous other nominations and awards for her picture books, many for the 2021 group project of audio stories she worked on, Logopedske lahkonočnice (Speech Therapy Goodnight Tales), that received the Special Jake Wittmer Research Award, for an excellent solution to a problem that is identified on the basis of an exceptional research of a situation/market, as well as the Golden Textwriting Award. Also notable are two of her recent works, Posluh, jazbec gre! (Listen Up, Here Comes Badger!) (Miš, 2020) and Ozimnica (Stores for the winter) (Zala, 2020).

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