Ida Mlakar Črnič

Ida Mlakar Črnič (1956) studied Slavic studies and comparative literature in Ljubljana. From 1995 until 2021 she worked in the field of bibliopedagogy at Ljubljana City Library. In 2016 she received an award from the Slovene section of IBBY for her contribution to promoting youth literature and reading. In her writing she reflects on relationships, emotions, aging, poverty, and her stories are directed at adults as well as children. Her picture book O Kravi, ki je lajala v luno (The Cow That Barked at the Moon) (Miš, 2015) won the 2016 Kristina Brenkova Original Slovene Picture Book Award and was also included on the 2016 White Ravens list. Her picture book Tu blizu živi deklica (Close to Here) (Sodobnost, 2019) was also included in the White Ravens Catalogue in 2019. The picture book Kako sta Bibi in Gusti prezvijačila hrib (How Bibi and Gusti Wanted to Climb a Hill) (Didakta, 2020), was in 2022 chosen as the book given as the gift from the Slovene Reading Badge Society to all first-year pupils. Her stories have been dramatized for an animated film, a radio play, and radio story readings. Other notable works include Ciper coper medenjaki (Magic Gingerbread) (Ajda IBO Gomboc, 2008), Kako sta Bibi in Gusti sipala srečo (How Bibi and Gusti Spread Happiness) (Didakta, 2010) and Cipercoperček (Magic Spells) (Sodobnost, 2012).

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