Ciril Horjak

Ciril Horjak (1975) is a comics artist, illustrator, and lecturer. His first graphic novel Ride was published in 2003. He drew live on air in an interactive radio show for several years. He has published comics and illustrations in magazines, newspapers, and books, including Večer since 2006 (more than 1900 illustrations so far), Delo, the bulletin Avtoceste, Den Politiken (which selected his illustration among more than 400 drawings from all over the world in 2021), The Guardian, Le Monde, Die Zeit, Chicago Tribune, and others. In 2023 he finished the graphic novel King Ubu, based on the play by Alfred Jarry. In 2008 he received the Most Innovative HR Practice Award for the comics-based training he designed for the company Slorest. He is the author of the first informal Slovenian textbook on comics The Smallest Biggest Encyclopaedia of Comics. He regularly leads workshops for young adults, migrants, and others. As a guest lecturer, he lectures on comics at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and teaches Art Theory at the High School of Design and Photography. He has received an award from the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education for his educational work, an award from the Slovenian Association of Journalists for his illustrations in Večer, and the Prešeren Fund Award for his work in comics.

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