Damijan Stepančič in Peter Svetina o Modrem Portugalcu

Speakers: Damijan Stepančič, Peter Svetina

In The Blue Portuguese: A Little Novel, we join Annie-Claire and Everett the rat who come to know, step by step, a land with its funny rules and weird dwellers. At once, we find ourselves in an unusual and at times grotesque fantasy world. With clever and ingenious language, the author brings about a finely imagined world mirroring the moral and ethical questions of every day. With a great deal of wit, and even a kindness towards human oddities and weaknesses, the author cuts into the deepest problems of the present moment, while he also very clearly points out the solution. Nonsense in The Blue Portuguese engages in a dialogue with the worldwide literary tradition, and the writer seduces readers with a charming imaginary story while imperceptibly challenging them to give thought to problems that mark the world of today’s children. llustrations by Damijan Stepančič are enhancing the text.

Coorganisers: KUD Sodobnost International, Sinnos editrice

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